Survivors' Cube Listing

When the Survivors' Cube starts to stabilize, we will post the full list of what we have in there. For now, some basic notes about contents are made.
  • The Survivors' Cube Contains 400 cards. This allows up to four players to play each time with a few cards left out each game.
    • 75 Black cards
    • 75 White cards
    • 75 Red cards
    • 75 Blue cards
    • 75 Green cards
    • 25 Other cards
  • 200 Basic land (50 mountains, 50 swamps, 50 islands, 50 plains, 50 forests) in the same color sleeves. 
Our Cube has multiple copies of some cards. Most are singleton, but a number of spells have multiple copies. Some people object to having doubles in cubes. Put what make you have fun in your cube. 

All the cards in our Cube have the black-bordered Modern card frame. Most are Zendekar and forward. These cards will probably be a little more abundant if you will be building your cube from old cards in your attic. 

At present, our Cube has no multi-color cards. We will likely add a spattering of multi-color cards at some point, but we aren't focused on tweaking the amount of mana fixing just yet. 

At present, we have no planeswalkers in our cube. We hope to add one or two at some point. 

At present, we have only a single rare card in our Cube, the certifiably bomby-in-this-format Angel of Glory's Rise. The rest are common and uncommon. 

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