Record Log

This page records the win/loss record for the Survivors and Horde during playtesting. The colors chosen, win/loss for the Survivors, and "MVP" cards are listed. More comments may be added later.

  1. W/B,W/B,W/B,R/U. 2/0
  2. B/U,W/R,W/U. 2/2
  3. R/W,R/W,U/G. 0/1
  4. U/R,G/W,R/B,G/B. 3/0. Accorder's Shield, Graveyard Shovel, Porcelain Legionnaire 
  5. U/R,R/B/W/G. 2/2. Noxious Ghoul, Caravan Guard, Deluge
  6. G,B/G,U/W. 2/1. Knightly Valor, Avacyn's Collar
  7. G/W,G,W/B,R/G. 2/1. Miming Slime, Living Death, Miming Slime
  8. R/G,R/W,G/W/B. 1/0. Angel of Glory's Rise, Haze Frog
  9. G/B,B/R/W,U/R/B,U/B. 2/0. Guttersnipe, Immolating Souleater, Vanguard's Shield

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