Custom Cards

Here is a gallery of some of the custom cards we've designed. Any art is posted only with the artist's permission. As more designs are playtested and art permissions granted this page will change and be updated. All card images were created using Magic Set Editor. All these cards are still undergoing playtesting.

Cards for Horde Deck:
Cards that are designed for the Horde deck have a watermark of the set symbol, a letter "H" for "Horde" with the vertical segments made from stylized bones.

Cards for Survivors' Cube:

These  cards are a cycle of non-basic lands. These were top-down designs for abandoned buildings, which are a common trope in zombie movies. Each comes into play tapped unless you control no creatures, can tap for one colored mana, and has an in-color sacrificial ability. They're in need of serious balance testing.

These are the second-draft editions of the Clutch mechanic.

This is a design that, though it isn't novel design space, we wanted the trope.

Another custom card design.
One of the few non-creature cards we have designed.

If you have suggestions, we are always looking for (constructive) criticism and feedback.

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